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The clear definition of the project objectives to be achieved is always the initial step of any typical consulting project. That’s done together with the responsible dedicated representatives of your company.

Together with the perception of the current starting situation and a rough draft of critical issues and existing general frame conditions to be considered, this is the base to start our work.

What follows is a structured analysis of the environment of the present situation and including all relevant data and parameters to really get a complete and neutral picture of the starting position (which usually is not that clear as it may seem....).

Based upon that, we work out different possible “ways to reach the target” with suggested activity schedules. Together with you, we step into discussion about the consequences and the evaluation of advantages and disadvantages in order to decide upon the most suitable approach.

This jointly concluded procedure is revised and completed with all necessary details, and a schedule is set up with precise intermediate targets, activities, time table and responsibilities.

An implementation controlling helps to make measurable progress visible and to identify pending activities and progress behind schedule at an utmost early point of time. This enables you to quickly and on time take necessary corrective actions in terms of reaching the objectives defined.